Welcome, I am so excited that you have stopped by to check out my website and to consider me for visiting and speaking at your church, event, training and consulting within your program.

Let me introduce myself, You should ask yourself when booking me why do I want John Krause to speak at my event? What qualifications or background can John offer us?

The answers to your questions are easy, I am ordained with World Ministry Fellowship as an Evangelist, and served a few years in the ministry fields of Pastor, Evangelist and Chaplain. I have also started up ministries over the years since 1985 and currently assisting in developing church ministries and organizational methods for the bringing in the harvest through discipleship programs.

With being a Private Investigator for 35 years, published author of the Private Investigator Guide, Training interns, etc Civil Process Service, serving on State legislative advisory council for the Florida statutes involving the industry.

I have earned a Bachelors Degree in Music Business from Full Sail University and minor in Music Production. I have also Planned and organized a music festival in 2016 and produced television ads for my business and concert and booked bands for an area venue.

I would like to speak with you involving my booking at your church, event or training seminars.

Please contact me via this contact for or just call or email me at

Thank you for contacting me and visiting my website.